Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a results based exercise program that involves performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Founded by Greg and Lauren Glassman in 2000, the CrossFit method emphasizes exercises that represent natural human behavior. You will not see any isolation movements such as biceps curls, hamstring curls or lateral raises; rather, exercises are borrowed from various disciplines including calisthenics, gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and power-lifting. These movements reinforce patterns found in our every day behavior, such as standing up from sitting, picking things up off the ground, and lifting them over our heads or carrying them short distances.
CrossFit Gyms, also known as “Boxes,” are typically quite spartan. There are no mirrors, TV’s, or smoothie bars. Instead of X-trainers, stationary bikes, vibration platforms, resistance machines, and treadmills we use barbells and bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, rings, medicine balls, sandbags and other functional training equipment.

What? No Machines?

In commercial gyms and health clubs (“globo” gyms) throughout the world, the typical workout consists of various isolation movements and an extended cardio session (e.g. 20 min of weight machines and 20-30 min of running on the treadmill).
On the other hand, we work exclusively with compound movements performed in less time and at a higher intensity. Why? Because compound or functional movements performed at high intensity, also known as anaerobic cardio, is a more effective approach to exercise and will yield nearly any desired fitness result by “increasing work capacity over broad time and modal domains”. See the videos on this page for a more detailed explanation of this claim.

What should I expect?

At CrossFit Flemington, we primarily offer small group, one hour long training sessions. All classes are led by one or multiple CrossFit Certified Trainers. Each session begins with a group warm up and a brief strength or skill training workout. The coach(es) will then explain and demonstrate the exercises included in the Workout of the Day (WoD). Time is spent practicing each movement and working on technique with assistance from one of our trainers. Then the WoD is performed, and once finished, the session ends with a cool down period that consists of yoga poses, stretches, and mobility drills to increase flexibility and help the participants recover more quickly.

What's a "WOD"?

CrossFit workouts are known as “WOD”s or “The Workout Of the Day”. They consist of constantly varied functional movements which are performed at high intensity. This could include any combination of different exercises that are meticulously programmed by our coaching staff. The WOD is different every day, so you will always be challenged and never get bored. CrossFit WODs are quick, intense, amazingly effective, and of course FUN!

Who can do CrossFit?

Anyone can. Since all CrossFit WODs are challenging but universally scalable, their difficulty can be adjusted to suit all levels of physical ability. The program will benefit all individuals from housewives to elite athletes and is particularly effective for people who have manual professions, such as construction workers, police officers, fire fighters, and military personnel. CrossFit recognizes that the needs of both our Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ only in degree and not in kind.

Will CrossFit help me lose weight?

Compound (multi-joint) movements, coupled with a short but high intensity anaerobic workout, will place far greater demands on your metabolic system than a traditional gym routine. This means that you will burn significantly more calories over a shorter period of time. As you become more proficient you will develop strength (without getting bulky) and endurance faster than with any other workout program. Combined with a healthy diet, you will become stronger and faster while gaining muscle tone and losing body fat no matter what body weight you started at.

Why are you so expensive?

Unlike most gyms, where the clients have little if any interaction with experienced professional coaches or trainers, all of our programs are class-based. This means that there will always be a coach leading a group training session. And since these groups tend to be small, the coach will be able to critique and improve each athlete’s technique and make sure that he or she is doing everything safely.
Most globo gyms operate off the premise that many of their clients won’t actually use their membership. Thus they are able to offer a “volume discount” on membership since their utilization rate is around 50% at best. Since our community is very close-knit and we hold our clients accountable to their own fitness goals, almost all of our clients come multiple times a week, every week. That’s why we have fewer members than a larger gym, but we like it because that leaves time to get to know all of our members and their goals on an individual basis.
In terms of individualized attention, our group training structure falls somewhere in between basic membership and personal training at a globo gym. Accordingly, our program is priced more than a basic membership, but less than personal training. We get the benefit of knowing all of our clients and their goals and areas in which they need improvement, but we also are able to service more people than if we just did personal training. We think this approach is the best of both worlds and we hope you will too!

What preparation do I need?

All new clients are introduced into our On-Ramp program before progressing into the regular sessions. The On-Ramp course is designed to teach you the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit along with numerous other skills you will need to perform the workouts. After you have completed On Ramp you will be able to safely participate in the main sessions.
All new clients, regardless of their experience or background must either complete the On-Ramp program or demonstrate that they can perform the fundamental movements correctly and safely.
For more information please look at the class descriptions on this page.

How do I sign up?

All of our new clients need to complete On-Ramp or demonstrate prior CrossFit experience. If you’re in the first group, familiarize yourself with the On-Ramp program as described in the previous question and on this page. If you are ready to sign up go here and complete the registration through WODTogether (described below). If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before signing up.
If you already have CrossFit experience, you can purchase a drop-in punch card through this page. If you would like to purchase a different membership plan, give us a call or stop by the box and we’ll get you set up.

What is WODtogether?

WODtogether is a program that we use to keep track of your fitness results by inputting your performance on a given WOD and tracking these stats over time. You can use this site to sign up for classes, keep up with schedule changes, view today’s WOD, track body weight and other measurements, and purchase your membership.

Is it required that I have a WODtogether account?

Yes. All members are required to have an account since we use it for billing and keeping track of your waiver. Although you determine the frequency with which you use it for keeping track of fitness metrics, it is encouraged you use it regularly.

How do I create a WODtogether account?

Easy! Click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is your Privacy Policy?

CrossFit Flemington does not share your private information with anyone for any reason.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

When signing up for a membership or purchasing products you are authorizing charges to your credit card via WODtogether. If you have signed a contract, you will be held to the terms and conditions specified in your contract.

What is your Refund Policy?

In the case of defective products you are entitled to a refund. Terms of your membership are described in your contract.